Repairs and Servicing

Clutch Repairs

We offer a fast clutch replacement service for all makes and models of cars. All parts supplied and fitted are from major brand manufacturers e.g. Valeo, LuK, Ferodo, Mintex and Sachs


Exhausts Repaired. New exhausts supplied & fitted. Remember before you buy a new exhaust; Global service Centres can cut out old, rusty or burnt out pieces of your exhaust and weld in a new piece for as little as €50.

Oil Change

At Global Service Centres we only use Manufacturer Approved oil filters and all of our Engine Oil is premium quality, so you will have no worries with regard to the right materials being put back into your car in any of our service centres.

Suspension and Shock Absorbers

Drop link arms are a simple steel arm that connects the anti roll bar to the wheel bearing. If they are worn you will hear and feel a looseness and clattering sound in your suspension. They can be replaced for as little as €80 euros and you will notice a huge difference in the driving comfort of the car. Shock absorbers can also be tested by pushing down on each corner of the car and seeing if the car bounces up steadily. If it bounces up quickly and then goes down again the shock absorber may need to be replaced.

Engine Repair

Engine repairs carried out on all makes and models. Following thorough engine diagnostics we will determine what the source of the problem is and repair or replace the engine parts. Our expert mechanics can rebuild or replace your entire engine.

Brakes & Brake Pads

Global service centres will check your brakes it only takes a few minutes to check, and the benefits could be life saving. We can replace Brake Pads for all makes and models, check and replace brake lines and brake fluid.

Starter Motor and Alternator

We now have trained personnel to recondition your alternator and starter motors from older cars to the newest, from Mini to Merc. Provided parts are available for the particular models. We can recondition almost any and if we can’t we will give you THE BEST UNBEATABLE PRICE for same new motor or alternator. No need to buy new, come to us we will recon with a FULL 3 MONTH MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

Timing Belts

Car Timing Belt Replacement for all makes. The timing belt is a simple rubber belt which keeps the top of the engine in time with the bottom of the engine. Although the belt is a simple enough item, getting at it and replacing it correctly typically takes 4+ hours.


Manual and Automatic gearboxes repaired and or replaced. We will remove your gearbox, bring it to the specialist and assess the damage with them, authorise necessary repairs and reinstall your gearbox into your car ourselves.

New and Used Car Parts

We can source and fit used parts for most cars. All used parts come with a 3 month warranty. Where used parts are not an option we can source new parts for all cars. Contact us to see if we can provide the part you are looking for.