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Global Service Centres are West Dublin's Leading Service centres, which has built up an excellent reputation and experienced working crew. We are based in two easily assessable locations, each location are within five minutes of both the Blanchardstown Shopping Centre and the M50 motorway as follows.

Global Service Centres Mulhuddart
Unit 12, Parkside,
Main St, Mulhuddart Village,
Mulhuddart, DUBLIN 15.

Telephone: 01-6404066
FAX: 01-6404066
E-mail: info@globalservicecentres.com

Global Service Centres Lohunda
Off Ongar Road, Lohunda,
Clonsilla, DUBLIN 15.

Telephone:+ 01-8211119
FAX: 01-8211119
E-mail: info@globalservicecentres.com